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Janelle’s Tea Party

1 Feb

This past weekend, my dear friend Janelle had the best little tea party birthday. It was a feast for the senses! The tablescape was so beautiful and charming, the tiny food was delectable, and the company was wildly entertaining – such a wonderful afternoon spent with excellent people.

How cute is this table???

The beautifully handcrafted menus, designed by Janelle.

Enjoying each other’s company, as always. Something tells me this shot had something to do with Heather’s bar endorsement (ha!).

What is it about little food that is so appealing? These tea sandwiches were AMAZING!

The lovely Angie.

I was especially taken with this fabulous tea set. I love the leaf motif!

Janelle, thank you again for such a wonderful time!


9 Things on My Mind

14 Jan

1. How much I LOVE this picture! Can you believe the colors in this shot?? I would base the color palette of my whole house and wardrobe around these sparkling shades! John is the master photographer, he really is…

2. How much I LOVE scrapbooking! And lately I’ve been obsessed with getting it “right.” If it’s not agreeing with my visually for some reason, I will start over and work until I am totally satisfied. There is always a solution to be had!

3. Hidden journaling on my layouts, like the little pocket I did on my “Talking About Knowledge” layout. I had never really considered such a thing until I read this book and saw so many inspiring examples! What a fabulous way to save valuable real estate on a layout!

4. This list by the always inspiring, talented, creative, insightful genius that is Hula Seventy. Love her.

5. How happy I am that I decided to grow my hair out again. I forgot how exciting is to unwind rollers from my hair and find out how fluffy my waves will be today, or at least for the next 30 minutes (knowing the curl-holding abilities of my hair)! It’s the little things that thrill me most.

6. Leggings.  Janelle had a great post on their ephemerality here. I’m actually a newcomer to the leggings world, at least the second go-round in my lifetime.  I always feared they would resemble the kind I wore in second grade…the ones that my mom made me tuck my shirt into. HA! I cringe just typing that. You can rest assured there will be no tucking-in-of-shirts-into-my-leggings this time around.

7. That today is January 14th, which in my mind, is the prettiest sounding day of the year. Love the way the words “January” and “fourteenth” flow together. Future wedding date, perhaps?

8. Last-minute weekend getaways on Travelocity. What a thrill it is to plan vacations on a whim! One of these days, I’m actually going to book one…

9. How I need to get a move-on if I’m going to run all my errands AND get to work on time. That’s my cue…

Have a wonderful day!