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happy sunday!

15 Aug

Yesterday John and I drove up to SLC to check out Craft Lake City in the coolest venue with the coolest artsy people. I felt like we were back in the art department at college again. (But this time with more of a “Utah-friendly” crowd and less of a “California hippy/stoner/camp-out-in-the-letterpress-studio-for-a-week-straight-without-sleep-or-showers” group of people – Ha!)

I love being around artists (and hipsters alike) with their funky style and energy. And I LOVE that Utah is of the mindset that crafts are a legitimate art form – I have found my people! Anyways…

It was amazing! I saw so many awesome things and left feeling inspired and ready to make stuff (which is all I’ve ever wanted to do anyways!)!

I picked up three fabulous letterpressed postcards from Smart & Wiley, which I plan on framing and displaying throughout my apartment (more on that later!).

Salt Lake is truly a great city. It’s an interesting mix of modern establishments and historic buildings, surrounded by trees and mountains. I can’t help but take a million photos (or art-direct John to take the photos I think would be great – “get those two buildings together, but don’t get the wires in the background and make sure it’s got the sunlight shining through the back and hurry before the cars drive through the shot!” – he loves when I do this – NOT! hahah).

And I LOVE that the Olympics were here! Utah’s a pretty cool place after all…


In IKEA We Trust

8 Jul

Oh, yes.

What move is complete without a trip (or several) to the land of inexpensive yet highly functional and uniquely-titled furniture? I mean, what apartment dweller has not heard of the glorious Expedit shelving units or Lack coffee tables?

Today’s trip was filled with the happiness that only IKEA can bring. Like testing every couch in the store for it’s nap-ability. And getting lost at least once in the maze-like layout. And leaving the store with three coffee tables for less than 30 bucks.

All in a day’s work…

Suzy Homemaker Over Here

5 Jul

After my last official shift at Paper Source today, I headed over to the fabric store where I snagged some gorgeous colors and textures for feathering my new nest!

I bought a yard of each style, so I think I might make some pillows with my signature flower embellishments, and then use the leftovers for fun patchwork throughout the apartment. These colors are making my eyes so happy right now!

T minus one week until the big move! I have so much to do and barely any time to get it done, but all I want to do (translation: all I will do) is scrapbook and shop for my apartment! We will see how much of the midnight oil I am burning at the last possible moment…

Paper Source PSA

3 Jul

Things striking my fancy at my workplace, Paper Source (though not for much longer!):

Eco White Cover Weight paper. I have worked at Paper Source for the past seven months and only now, in my last week of work there (and last ditch attempt to make the most of my discount), have I purchased any items from what we call “converted” (a huge assortment of colors and shapes and sizes and weights of paper). I discovered that this paper is fantastic for printing photos or digital elements. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, hence the name “Eco White.” Which I’m sure you could have gathered without my telling you. But I will tell you anyways.

T. Hanks card. I had to do a double take when I first noticed Tom Hanks’ face out of the corner of my eye. When I read the caption, I laughed out loud. SO. STINKIN’. CLEVER! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE cleverness? And Tom Hanks? Especially in my favorite movies, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail? Yep.

Thanks for Being Stamp. Oh my, this stamp would provide for endless hours of entertainment. Can’t you see it going over well on any documents related with the Department of Motor Vehicles? Or holiday cards? Or job applications?

Peacock Text Weight Paper. I just bought a nice little pack of this brand-new-heaven-to-my-eyes color to use with my Slice. Love it!

The Human Torch Was Denied a Bank Loan

29 Jun

“Unique New York!”

While shopping at the mall tonight with my mom, I was in color heaven to see this gorgeous color palette everywhere I turned!  The combination of jewel tones and fluorescent hues has been drawing me in for a long time now, as you can see by the unstoppable gravitational pull I feel for certain papers:

In fact, I am so excited that everything I buy from here on out, be it shirts, shoes, salad plates, coffee tables, sports utility vehicles, scrunchies (ha! how about NO), etc., will now match my scrapbook pages, that I can’t stop spewing Ron Burgundy quotes!

Because  -” by the beard of Zeus!”-what could possibly be better than that?

Happy Camper Over Here

29 May

Yesterday I joined Team Justin Long and became the proud owner of a brand new baby MacBook. And oh dear lord, I am OBSESSED!

Browsing my Flickr Favorites anytime I darn well please! Money well spent, indeed…

And as it would turn out, Apple was SOO happy that I crossed over from the darkside that they threw in an iPod Touch AND a printer for frizzle! (Well, after I used my brother’s student status to take advantage of these sweet promotions, that is. Bargain shoppers unite.) So as you can imagine, the past 24 hours have been spent getting plenty of face time with the new toys. And ignoring everyone around me.

Oh life is good.

Things from Thursday

28 May

I’m pretty sure that Thursdays are my most favorite day of the week. They mean a number of fun things: Paperclipping Roundtable is usually posted in iTunes. People magazine arrives in the mail. Real Housewives of NYC. And of course, challenge day! Here is my latest take on Cherie’s sketch challenge:

In case you didn’t know, I am addicted to fabric. It’s quickly becoming my go-to supply – especially since my stash is growing by the minute! So for this layout, I used it as a background texture by first applying some adhesive to the paper and spreading the fabric evenly on top and then sewing around the perimeter of the lace and paper together. Such a fun, easy way to add texture to any layout!

Speaking of fabric addiction, I swung by Joann’s the other day (you know, I just happened to be in the right neck of the woods) and took advantage of their sale on lace – I LOVE lace! I also picked up some fabulous crepe paper from Party City for…get this…0.74 cents a roll!!! I could not believe what a sweet deal that was! I am in texture heaven right now…

So for my challenge this week:

Use fabric on a layout, however you would like! I promise, you will not be disappointed! (: