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9 Jun

Ever since watching Tori and Dean the other night, I have had the biggest urge to chop my hair again. I mean, how could these oh-so-high-quality images not sway you to lop off your locks at this very moment???

Okay, so maybe I just swiped every photo from the Oxygen photo gallery, but what can I say – I love a good reverse bob! (And I think I am on the fast track to becoming a Tori Spelling hairstyle stalker!) This reminds me of when Jessica Simpson was in her Newlyweds heyday and I was obsessed with her hair as well:

And while we are on a celebrity kick, yesterday I did the Kim Kardashian workout from this month’s issue of Shape, and oh dear lord…

…my rear has officially been kicked in gear! Yeesh! I guess I should have known better, given that KK is famous for her generous backside (among other things). Which reminds me of my most favorite line from last night’s epic finale on Glee:

“Kiss my ASS, Josh Groban!”

5 words I bet you never thought you would hear in the same sentence.

P.S. Notice anything different about the bloggity blog? A summer-inspired face-lift was just what the doctor ordered…


Latest Inspiration

23 Oct

Confession: I have a slight girl crush on Katie Lee, formerly known as Katie Lee Joel (of Billy Joel derivation). Yesterday, upon devouring People Magazine (as my mom and I do every Thursday when our subscription arrives), I came across an article featuring this chef/food critic/author and the pictures were beyond inspiring. I love her aesthetic and style.

 Katie Lee Joel front pg

Doesn’t her outfit here make you want to go interview for a million jobs? Hahaha, most likely you don’t feel that strongly about it, but for some reason I am so inspired by this photo! It epitomizes my fantastical, idealized notions of what living in New York would be like. If you had a multi-million dollar budget, that is. HA!

Katie Lee Joel back pg

LOVE this girl’s kitchen. I remember when it was featured in Domino Magazine (June/July 2008). I was positively swooning over it. I’m also digging her cute ensemble here, in what appears to be a J.Crew blouse and sweater.