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Have I Told You…

11 Jun

…about my obsession with spray paint? I’ve used it before for painting furniture and frames and occasionally chipboard, but when I recently used it on a whim to paint some paper, I had no IDEA how awesome it really is! Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Glimmer Mist and Maya Mist just as much as the next scrapbook-aholic, but spray paint GETS. THE. JOB. DONE. And it definitely got the last two week’s challenges done quite efficiently.

Here’s my fabric challenge from 2 weeks ago:

It’s funny because I’m not even on a mini-book “kick” right now; these days, I am all about the single 12×12 layouts! But for some reason, my photos from my friends’ annual Christmas Party were calling my name. (As were the old pants that I ripped up and turned into the fabric flower on the cover…but that’s another post in and of itself!). Half the pages are from an acrylic deck of cards and the other half are chipboard artisan labels. I sprayed all of them with a metallic silver spray paint from Krylon and then a light dusting of Glimmer Mist’s “Marshmallow.” It turned out to be a super fast and fun mini – just how I like it!

And of course, Cherie’s challenge for this past week was to document what you love about summer. So I interpreted it as this:

I went to TOWN with the masking, as you can see! Haha! I haphazardly placed a whole chipboard alphabet (I’m pretty sure it’s a Colorbok one that I got from the Target Dollar Spot a few months back) diagonally down the page (with the help of a temporary adhesive) and then sprayed the heck outta this baby with some white craft spray paint from Joann’s. My favorite part about it is the bottom right corner where it coincidentally spells out “joy.” Love that!

And like Cherie, I am not a huge proponent for the summer season. Don’t get me wrong, my summers always turn out to be fun and exciting, but the heat I can easily do without, no problem! Although it does make workouts all the better when I can immediately jump in the pool afterward. I guess summer has it’s perks after all…


Not Exactly Certain…

12 Jan

why I have been MIA from the blogging world for so long, but now I am back and I have lots to share!

First of all, I am happy to report that I have began to put a dent in my happy list! For the past two days, John and I have gone hiking about an hour before sunset in the hills where we live. I have to say…it has been magical! It is the perfect time of day to take in the sweeping views, breathe in fresh air, take lots of vibrant photos, and allow just enough time to head back in before the mountain lions make an appearance!

(I promise, we hike on real paths, not just paved roads in the middle of suburbia! Ha!)

I feel compelled to tell you…I got this shirt today at Target for $2.50! Sarah, are you proud of me?? Haha!

In other resolution-fulfilling news, I have been feeling mighty creative lately and have cranked out the last few pages for my Holiday 2009 book! And what a joy it has been to be in a crafting mood again!

Latest obsession: creating hidden journaling spots, a la the “But wait, there’s more” tab on the left layout.

Can’t seem to finish a layout these days without a touch of measuring tape and ribbon!

Layout on the right is one of my new faves. I hadn’t meant for the Hambly body-form rub-on to go over the photo, but when it accidentally touched and wouldn’t lift off, I decided I really liked it there! LOVE rub-ons! So fun.

Envelope contains photos from a day spent in Glendale, enjoying the Christmas festivities. Easier to house the majority of the pictures in an envelope while featuring just one photo as the “representative”, if you will.

One thing I thought would be fun to have in my book was screenshots of websites I frequent and use them as a documentation of where I was at this time. I really loved playing with them and can’t wait to do it more often!

This particular envelope contains Christmas lists, tags, and little bits and pieces of the season that I know will be fun to look back on at a later date. The grey pouch on the right layout is from an old Abercrombie shirt that I bought years ago! It used to hold spare buttons, but now it is featured in my book! Love how recycling can take on so many forms…

I hope you all are fulfilling your Happy Lists as well! If you haven’t composed one yet, what are you waiting for???

There is so much fun to be had!

Life Unfolds

31 Dec

Another spread in my never-ending Holiday Minibook.

Can you believe it’s the last day of December? The last day of the decade? INSANE! I was in 7th grade when everyone was fearing Y2K and whether or not computers would live to see another day come the year 2000…and… nothing happened. Ha! However, because of this mass panic, we had three weeks off for Christmas break as opposed to the regular two – in my book at the time, Y2K was fabulous! But now I am 23 and can fully appreciate the gravity of moving into another decade. So much to learn, experience, enjoy, discover…I feel lucky to be exactly where I’m at and look forward to seeing how life unfolds.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and I wish you nothing but the best in the coming decade.

Busy Bee!

11 Dec

I have been super busy lately and it’s been great! My new job is going swimmingly and I’m feeling good about life in many ways – heck, it’s even been raining! It doesn’t get any better than that! Hope things are working out fabulously for you as well…

Anyways, here are my latest additions to my Holiday book:

Love to mix all different textures and colors and STAMPS! The page on the right is our holiday card for this year, adhered to the envelope it fits in.

The left page is the backside of the holiday card envelope and the right side is just another fun multi-colored page made out of that plastic sheeting from craft stores that you can thread on. I figured it would be a cool new texture to throw in the mix as well as adding some stability to the overall book.

And the holiday cards have officially been mailed out! I created them using Shutterfly and it was super easy and convenient!

Today it’s rainy and cozy here in Southern California – perfect holiday weather! Days like this make me want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch Food Network and HGTV all day! Strange but true, haha. Actually I’ve got lots to get done and I want to squeeze in some holiday shopping!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Random Photo Assortment

5 Dec

Today is my busiest day of the week, yet I feel compelled to squeeze in a quick blog post! Hahah! So I have been keeping myself quite entertained with my paper collection, as you can see above (another page for my holiday minibook) and below (Good God, the mess!). I am now of the mindset to use up all my supplies without any hesitation, hence the madness going on below!

I also wanted to share my latest jewelry display going on on my dresser. I love the idea of treating jewelry as art as opposed to throwing it in a drawer. I was SUPER inspired by this particular post on Decor8.

So there you go, a random photo assortment! Hahah! Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend and taking part in holiday fun!

Happy December!

1 Dec

I can’t believe November has already come and gone! I hope this month slows down a bit so I can savor every minute of it! Thanksgiving weekend was fabulous, as always. It involved lots of food, family, photos, scrapbooking, cleaning, working, friends (including a surprise visit from a dear friend who recently moved to Hawaii!), and the funnest game I ever played called Telephone Pictionary (talking about knowledge! haha)! So here is my Thanksgiving minibook, in all it’s chunkified glory:

Fast and furious minibook-creating is just how I like it!

Hope your first taste of the holidays was wonderful, as well:)

Holiday Book

17 Nov

The cover of my Holiday 2009 mini-book (excuse the wonky pom-pom trim, it needs a bit more adhesive!)

I’m so excited about creating my own version of Ali’s December Daily album. In my case, my book will be more than just Christmas and it won’t necessarily be a day-to-day thing (although I do love that idea as well!). Instead, I want to include the season as a whole, whether it’s holiday mail, Christmas cards, shopping receipts, gift tags, my birthday, Thanksgiving, etc. That way, I am able to piece it together nearly everyday, which makes me happy because I love gathering and creating holiday ephemera any chance I get!

The inside cover and first few pages. Chipboard letters (NOV) are from the Target Dollar Spot!

I want to document all the little things that make up the holidays for myself and my family and friends. I’m currently on the lookout for cute holiday journaling spots that I can simply punch a hole through and write a little message.

Jenni Bowlin Bingo card.

Back of Bingo card and front of holiday mail from the mall.

I made a little envelope page to showcase highlights of my birthday.

Back of envelope when it’s closed. Front of Starbucks Holiday cups (love those red cups!).

Envelope when it’s open. Contains ephemera from my birthday such as a map, a receipt, and a gift card holder.

Random pages that have yet to be filled out/organized. Vintage holiday postcard.

Envelope from Anthropologie. Starbucks sleeve.

Additionally, I want to make a Thanksgiving mini (separate from the Holidays book) out of this cute chipboard album from Michaels. I was inspired by Cherie to pick one up and give it a whirl! I’m hoping it will look half as cool as this one by my new favorite scrapper Jen Jockisch. I plan on painting it (not sure what color yet) and then printing out photos with my little Polaroid PoGo Printer on the night of Thanksgiving. Typically there’s not a whole lot of action after everyone has gorged themselves on turkey and pie, thus, it is the perfect time to relax and throw together a quick little book!

P.S. Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a week away? Crazy how fast time is flying! I better hit the gym double time this week! Haha!