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Adventures in Glendale and Beyond

5 Mar

Yesterday, as I previously mentioned, I dropped off another huge order of hair accessories to Local Collection in Glendale. So of course, I brought along John to keep me company and appease me with photos (much to his dismay – ha!). After taking care of business matters, we walked over to the beautiful Americana at Brand, just across the way.

Look how happy he is to take a photo with me! Haha! But seriously, look how gorgeous the scenery is behind us! Whenever we go there, I instantly feel like we are on vacation – now that is what a shopping experience should feel like! City planners, take note!

I loved this quote on the window at American Eagle. True, true…

Above Americana are these amazing apartment/condominiums. I can only imagine how cool it would be to reside there!

Cozy sidewalk cafe seating – love that. Being that we had plans that night (sitting in front of the TV watching the Thursday night lineup on NBC, that is. We live life on the edge!), we had to hit the road and brave the traffic. But first I got a coffee from Peet’s (which, I have determined tastes exactly like coffee at Disneyland, just FYI) and took in the sights one more time. I love going to Glendale!

And of course, what glorious day is complete without a trip to Chipotle? In the wise words of Rachael Ray, yum-o.

Happy Friday everyone!


Challenge No. 2!

4 Mar

I woke up extra early today so I could squeeze in everything on my mile long to-do list! First on the list: post my layout from Gen’s non-scrapbook-related-item challenge. And here it is:

For my “non-traditional” supplies, I used a vintage tape measure, a green ticket, a shipping tag, and handmade flowers made from fabric scraps. If you’re anything like me and come across lots of fabric in your stash, a great way to use up the remnants (especially if you’re cutting hundreds of circles out for hair accessories!) is to roll them into little fabric flowers.

These all came from scraps of fabric I had laying around and would have been thrown out otherwise. I can’t remember the first time I learned how to make these rolled fabric flowers, but recently I came across a great video tutorial from Rhonna Farrer here. (Plus, you get to see a little bit of her crafting space which looks amazing!)

Today I am off and running! I had some marathon hair-accessory-making marathons these past couple of nights so that I can drop off a huge box full of new accessories to Local Collection in Glendale. Phew! My finger tips are happy to be removed from the stitching needles and the glue gun, if only for a short while 😉 Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

P.S. The Office Baby tonight!

Local Collection

11 Nov

headband collage

Laying out all my new accessories on the table, along with their new names, so I could put them on an inventory list – quite a process!

I still can’t believe it…

A month or so ago, I received an e-mail via Etsy asking if I would be interested in selling my hair accessories at a brand-new store at the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, CA. At first I felt so undeserving…my accessories? Are you sure you want mine? But then I realized, what the heck is wrong with me? This is awesome! (Had enough of my inner dialogue yet? Good, me neither. HA!)

Of course I wanted to partake in this! So I immediately said yes and I am pleased to say, you can now find my accessories at an amazing new store called Local Collection. The shop opens this Friday, November 13th and I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds…

P.S. Being a part of this store prompted me to create a bunch of new accessories, which will soon be available on my Etsy as well!

P.P.S. Both my new and old accessories have new names, inspired after some very stylish girls that I am lucky to know! Including this gal and this gal