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27 Jun

On Thursday, I was flown out to Utah.

On Friday I accepted the most amazing job opportunity. We’re talking DREAM-OF-ALL-DREAMS job opportunity. An opportunity that quite honestly, I could never have imagined would be presented to me.

On Saturday I signed a 12 month lease on a gorgeous apartment overlooking the snow-capped mountains.

In three short weeks  I will be starting a brand new life in Utah. I am terrified, thrilled, sad, amazed, elated, surprised, and humbled by this crazy turn of events. All I can say is WOW. Feeling luckier and luckier everyday…


The times they are a-changin’

23 Oct


So…I decided to move my humble online abode over to this wonderful place called WordPress. When my good friend (and amazing new blogger!) Janelle wanted to create a blog, she introduced me to WordPress and I instantly became hooked! I find it has a much sleeker design aesthetic in addition to being much more user-friendly. Just FYI, in case anyone’s considering a move:)

In other news, I am on a mad job-hunt. Not like I haven’t been crazy about it this whole darn time, but now I’m really on the move! The holidays are upon us, student loans are due soon, and I would like to be a worthwhile asset to society – HA! I went on an interview today that turned out to be a group interview with eight other eager job-seekers, of various ages, education levels, career paths, etc. All I can say is, fingers crossed! I honestly have no idea what to expect, so I’m doing what any respectable job seeker would do in this economy: over- indulging in chocolate, wine, and Project Runway. Obviously…

P.S. If you are just tuning in and would like to read all about my pre-WordPress life, get to clicking, my friends…:)