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Getting Our Utah On

18 Jul

We made it! Finally!

Does it get anymore masculine than this??? Hahah!

After 14 hours of driving and an hour of sleep and a departure time of 3am and squeezing THREE adult-size bodies into my tiny VW bug with the spare seat jam-packed full of pillows and a TV and other random crap and my mom and dad towing the rest of my stuff on a trailer behind their truck, we are finally here in Utah and settling in quite nicely! I am in LOVE with our apartment! Comparing what we had in San Diego (1 bedroom, 1 bath) to what we have in Utah (2 bedrooms, 2 baths) and reaping a savings of $500/month in rent, I am in apartment heaven! Now if only we could turn the blazing heat down about 30 degrees…

Yesterday John and I took a spontaneous trip to Sundance, which -get this-  is only 13 miles from where we live! We can’t believe our good fortune because this place is beyond amazing and it feels like a world away (and several degrees cooler)!

Sidenote: the dandelions here are HUGE!! I don’t know what kind of juice they are on, but holy moly, they are giant (and beautiful!)!

There’s green everywhere! So gorgeous!

Another Sidenote: John pointed to the squirrels we kept seeing and said “what happened to their tails??” Us California folk are used to squirrels with big bushy tails! Which reminds me of another sidenote: while flying back to California last month, my mom and I sat next to an Australian man who told us he had just seen his first squirrel while in Idaho! Isn’t that funny what we take for granted? He sees kangaroos hopping about and we see squirrels darting across our backyards and we both find this to be completely mundane. Makes me laugh!

So far, we are loving this new adventure! The apartment is almost ready to go public, so hang in there! In the meantime, check out these sneaks from this month’s Elle’s Studio Gallery – fantastic! I can’t wait to see what everyone did! Here’s a little sample of my work:

Have a great Sunday!


Spring Weekend

22 Mar

First of all, I have to say THANK YOU for all the sweet comments regarding my last post! Thank you SO much! (:

This past weekend marked the start of spring! I usually experience a slight sense of dread whenever the weather starts to warm up (I fear the wrath of our summer heat!), but I can honestly say, I am LOVING this weather! It feels inviting and refreshing, and that is always a welcome thing! Here are a few highlights from the weekend:

An impromptu trip to Corriganville (which turned out to be so much fun, despite our lack of appropriate hiking attire – *see grey boots!). Library visit for fun new reads, including the Tori Spelling book! A quick Goodwill shopping trip, in which I scored the teal mug you see above. Walks around the neighboorhood with Jake. Windows open and sunlight streaming in. Watching the victorious health care bill pass, followed by this week’s exciting episode of Amazing Race (we love the cowboys!). Lots of scrapping. Brainstorming ideas for a fun collaborative blog with John. Planning another trip to Disneyland this week with our favorite Spring Breakers. Grateful for my Southern California lifestyle.

Today’s to-do list includes: working out and spring cleaning! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!

Take A Hike

28 Feb

Today is shaping up to be quite wonderful.

I started the morning by attempting to score Paul McCartney tickets to the Hollywood Bowl, via Ticketmaster, but to no avail. Ugghh, such a disappointment. However, I’m looking on the bright side: at least I saved 100+ dollars. But oh man, Paul McCartney, that would have been AMAZING. OK, no more Debbie-Downer talk, I promise! In other news…

While furiously clicking back and forth on Ticketmaster, I went on Facebook where I was invited by Heather to go hiking today. Hiking? You don’t have to ask me twice! I was so excited to get outdoors on this sparkling, post-rain Sunday and enjoy the fresh air with Heather and Val (and Kaia the pup!)!

And what a hike it was! I loved every minute of our little impromptu adventure. The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Southern California.

Right now I am munching on my latest snack-of-choice, Ants on a Log (which was brought back into my life after watching Erin entice Jim with it on The Office), and it is hitting the spot! I bought this fabulous peanut butter from Trader Joe’s called Better ‘N Peanut Butter and it is just plain awesome. Not only does it taste good, but you save one heck of a lot of calories per tbsp than you normally would with regular PB. I first discovered it in college when one of my roommates left it out and I, of course, helped myself to it when no one was looking (why yes, I am outing myself as the PB-stealer!). The risk of being caught red-handed by a fellow roommate was totally worth it! Ha!

And finally, I am sad to see the Olympics come to a close tonight. These past two weeks have provided for so much excellent TV-watching (especially when Shaun White’s mug was shown – hello!), I honestly believe the Games to be good for humanity. When you see countries from all over the globe coming together as equals and putting aside their differences, if just for two weeks, it makes you wonder if this world could use the Olympics more often? Hmm…

Not Exactly Certain…

12 Jan

why I have been MIA from the blogging world for so long, but now I am back and I have lots to share!

First of all, I am happy to report that I have began to put a dent in my happy list! For the past two days, John and I have gone hiking about an hour before sunset in the hills where we live. I have to say…it has been magical! It is the perfect time of day to take in the sweeping views, breathe in fresh air, take lots of vibrant photos, and allow just enough time to head back in before the mountain lions make an appearance!

(I promise, we hike on real paths, not just paved roads in the middle of suburbia! Ha!)

I feel compelled to tell you…I got this shirt today at Target for $2.50! Sarah, are you proud of me?? Haha!

In other resolution-fulfilling news, I have been feeling mighty creative lately and have cranked out the last few pages for my Holiday 2009 book! And what a joy it has been to be in a crafting mood again!

Latest obsession: creating hidden journaling spots, a la the “But wait, there’s more” tab on the left layout.

Can’t seem to finish a layout these days without a touch of measuring tape and ribbon!

Layout on the right is one of my new faves. I hadn’t meant for the Hambly body-form rub-on to go over the photo, but when it accidentally touched and wouldn’t lift off, I decided I really liked it there! LOVE rub-ons! So fun.

Envelope contains photos from a day spent in Glendale, enjoying the Christmas festivities. Easier to house the majority of the pictures in an envelope while featuring just one photo as the “representative”, if you will.

One thing I thought would be fun to have in my book was screenshots of websites I frequent and use them as a documentation of where I was at this time. I really loved playing with them and can’t wait to do it more often!

This particular envelope contains Christmas lists, tags, and little bits and pieces of the season that I know will be fun to look back on at a later date. The grey pouch on the right layout is from an old Abercrombie shirt that I bought years ago! It used to hold spare buttons, but now it is featured in my book! Love how recycling can take on so many forms…

I hope you all are fulfilling your Happy Lists as well! If you haven’t composed one yet, what are you waiting for???

There is so much fun to be had!