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Post-Halloween Ramblings

2 Nov

halloween Halloween 2009, aka the-spend-no-money-whatsoever-year, hence the bed sheet toga and laurel headband swiped from the backyard. Favorite costume yet!

Dressed up in foil to receive a FREE Chipotle Burrito! Second year in a row for us.

Handed out candy to the cutest little Mario and Luigi at John’s house.

Raided John’s candy bowl.

Wondered where the heck all the trick-or-treaters were?

Raided John’s candy bowl.

Went to my house to see if it was hopping there.

Was not hopping there.

But alas, there was fun to be had!

And candy to be eaten.

Watched the Halloween episode of Community. Favorite Abed line? “I’m not a bird. I’m a bat.”

Watched several episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Hilarious. Sooo not family- friendly.

And ate more candy.

Worked on new headbands.

Laughed it up.

Ate more candy.

Went to bed and enjoyed my extra hour of sleep.

Hope your Halloween was just as magical!