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Take A Hike

28 Feb

Today is shaping up to be quite wonderful.

I started the morning by attempting to score Paul McCartney tickets to the Hollywood Bowl, via Ticketmaster, but to no avail. Ugghh, such a disappointment. However, I’m looking on the bright side: at least I saved 100+ dollars. But oh man, Paul McCartney, that would have been AMAZING. OK, no more Debbie-Downer talk, I promise! In other news…

While furiously clicking back and forth on Ticketmaster, I went on Facebook where I was invited by Heather to go hiking today. Hiking? You don’t have to ask me twice! I was so excited to get outdoors on this sparkling, post-rain Sunday and enjoy the fresh air with Heather and Val (and Kaia the pup!)!

And what a hike it was! I loved every minute of our little impromptu adventure. The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Southern California.

Right now I am munching on my latest snack-of-choice, Ants on a Log (which was brought back into my life after watching Erin entice Jim with it on The Office), and it is hitting the spot! I bought this fabulous peanut butter from Trader Joe’s called Better ‘N Peanut Butter and it is just plain awesome. Not only does it taste good, but you save one heck of a lot of calories per tbsp than you normally would with regular PB. I first discovered it in college when one of my roommates left it out and I, of course, helped myself to it when no one was looking (why yes, I am outing myself as the PB-stealer!). The risk of being caught red-handed by a fellow roommate was totally worth it! Ha!

And finally, I am sad to see the Olympics come to a close tonight. These past two weeks have provided for so much excellent TV-watching (especially when Shaun White’s mug was shown – hello!), I honestly believe the Games to be good for humanity. When you see countries from all over the globe coming together as equals and putting aside their differences, if just for two weeks, it makes you wonder if this world could use the Olympics more often? Hmm…