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Working Out the Kinks

25 Jul

Today I woke up early to get ready for our cable to be installed. When that didn’t go according to plan (due to the fact that our balcony is just a hair away from receiving any reception via satellite and we need written permission from the landlord to rig a dish up on the roof), I decided to get to work on organizing my spare bedroom, aka the Craft Room! I can’t believe I finally have a room to dedicate entirely to my hobby (translation: a place to unload the ridiculous amount of stuff I brought over from California!). Such a thrill, I tell you.

Here’s a little sneak:

This was before I organized it. You don’t even want to know what was behind the wall to the left. Boxes and piles and boxes and piles of lord-knows-what. Actually I do know what. Just plain crap. But now that crap has a home!

And now it is sparkly clean and organized and almost up to par! I plan on taking photos of the new and improved space this week, so stay tuned!


Feather Your Nest

4 May

This past weekend I became OBSESSED with reorganizing my room and workspace and all that jazz that has been occupying precious spacious in my tiny little neck of the woods. Fun, fun, fun. I love a good burst of inspiration to make things happen. Here’s a few images that made me want to sign up for a credit card with IKEA stat:










30 Mar

Oh my gravy…(any Amazing Race fans in the house???), I feel like I haven’t blogged in months! More like a week, but time flies when you’re not blogging and thinking of things to write about. SO, I will share what I have been up to!

Knitting…is not something I have been doing! Ha! I needed a photo and I liked the colors in this photo and there ya go. False advertisement.

I have, however, been working a lot! Today is my first day off in awhile and I am LOVING it! Still rocking the PJ’s as we head into the afternoon. Living the life!

I’m currently listening to the ladies of House of Three talk about their inspiration sources. They are a hoot!

Thoroughly enjoying Kelly Purkey’s Sketchbook class. It gets me excited to jump out of bed and see what has landed in my inbox each morning!

DVR’ing every single episode of the Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood re-runs. I am on a Tori Spelling kick right now. Just finished reading her book and look forward to vegging out in front of her show. Maybe I need to get a life?

Surprising my rainy-day-loving self by enjoying this amazing Spring weather! I was dreading the heat, but it is so refreshing to eat breakfast outside each morning in the warm, happy sunshine!

Planning a massive washing-of-filthy-car day today. It has not been washed in 3 months and it is gnarly. And – here comes a nugget of nerdiness– I LOVE washing my car. It’s like a hobby of mine. There’s something about being outside, listening to my iPod, blasting the car with the hose and scrubbing the dirt into oblivion – oh happy day. And here’s another nugget: I only like to wash my own car. I feel no sense of pride or satisfaction in washing someone else’s car (sorry family).

Looking forward to Easter. Is it weird that I miss hunting for Easter eggs? Maybe I will bring it back this year! 23 is not too old to find plastic neon eggs hiding in the bushes…

Itching to take a mini-vacation. Or day trip. Or journey to the mall. SOMEWHERE new, please. A change (of scenery) could do me good.

Realizing that the best way to view my Google Reader is to click on All Items in the upper left-hand corner. That way I get to see everything all in one scroll! Yippeee!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!

Workspace Overhaul

4 Feb

Yesterday involved a total workspace overhaul:

and then…

After making a list of everything that needed a house and what I had to house them in, I hit up the Goodwill where, for $6, I scored two fabulous new containers for my desk! Oh happy day, let me tell you. I am quite pleased with the results. Now for the difficult part: maintaining the organization…

Random Photo Assortment

5 Dec

Today is my busiest day of the week, yet I feel compelled to squeeze in a quick blog post! Hahah! So I have been keeping myself quite entertained with my paper collection, as you can see above (another page for my holiday minibook) and below (Good God, the mess!). I am now of the mindset to use up all my supplies without any hesitation, hence the madness going on below!

I also wanted to share my latest jewelry display going on on my dresser. I love the idea of treating jewelry as art as opposed to throwing it in a drawer. I was SUPER inspired by this particular post on Decor8.

So there you go, a random photo assortment! Hahah! Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend and taking part in holiday fun!

For the Love of Clean

6 Nov

The other night, I had had enough. I could not stand to look at my highly disheveled desk or catch a glimpse of the adhesive residue that had become quite the eyesore any longer. I cleaned and organized and then cleaned some more and am happy to say – everything is back in it’s place and I am one happy camper. Here are some photos of my cleaning prowess:

November 4 014

November 4 018

November 4 019

November 4 011

Oh happy day…