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It was a red and black weekend, apparently

12 Jul

This past weekend was quite eventful! First off, we had one of these:

I made a whopping…thirty-two dollars! Haha! Hey, extra cash at this time in my life is a welcome thing! (Correction: extra cash is a welcome thing at any point in time.) After the sale, everything that didn’t sell went straight to the Goodwill, where my old junk will now become someone’s new treasure. I love that!

That night, I went over to Heather’s for a final get-together with some of my closest friends (and we missed the ones that weren’t there!). Heather and Janelle are both exceptionally good cooks, so the food was ahhh-mazing, as usual!

It seems like half my group is branching out across the US! I’m going to Utah, Jaymee is in Hawaii, Liz is going to Atlanta, Val is headed for Seattle, Sarah is in San Diego, and everyone else may disperse at any given moment come the right job or grad school…iChat, anyone??? I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I LOVE MY FRIENDS!

Yesterday I finished a side project for six bridesmaids’ belts for a November wedding. It was a fun and creatively challenging project, given that I’ve never constructed belts out of handmade flowers before! I was lucky that the bride gave me the freedom to play with the fabric and create a composition entirely on my own, with a single photo to use as inspiration. Another project checked off my list…

Speaking of lists, mine is still about a mile long and I’ve got less than two days to wrap it up! I better get back to work!

P.S. While previewing this post, I noticed that the color scheme is entirely red and black! How strange is that? And how strange is it that my alma mater’s colors are red and black? Haha!


The One About Utah

27 Jun

If someone had told me a month ago that I would be moving to Utah, I would have laughed in their face.

My only experiences in Utah have been that of two different ski trips to Brian Head, where there wasn’t a whole lot of…shall we say…civilization. There were maybe three different businesses, all lined up in a row, and then there were the ski lifts. Even though I consider myself both an introvert and an outdoorsy person, the thought of living atop a mountain amidst maybe five other families sounds unfathomable to someone accustomed to living in a city of 3 million people. Let’s just say I was relieved to discover the rest of Utah is not so isolated…

In fact, it appears to be a huge, diverse place filled with people, restaurants, shopping, and oh, maybe one or two or five million temples sprinkled throughout:

And of course, how can I forget the MOUNTAINS?

I could not believe how gorgeous the mountains are! Especially since they are still snow-capped and visible from everywhere you go. I can only imagine how beautiful it will be when there is even more snow (and I have been thoroughly warned: there will be more snow!). I can’t wait!

Another thing that (happily) took my mom and I by surprise was how genuinely nice everyone was! I did not encounter a single unfriendly person the whole time – heck, the TSA agent at the airport whose job it is to make sure we are not concealing any weapons, was shooting the breeze with us like we were old friends! He wanted to know how we were doing, how we enjoyed our time in Utah, wishing us a safe journey, and reassuring my mom that she won’t miss me too much while I’m 500 miles away. He also gave us his life story in the 2 minutes it took to go through security. You just don’t meet people like this at every available turn in California! Definitely a perk!

On Thursday night after we arrived at our hotel, my mom and I went over the grocery store to get some snacks. We were blown away by the amount of candy they sold! It was like Sweet Factory had set up shop between the produce section and the butcher – there was just candy everywhere! Of course, there’s plenty of candy in California, but not to this extent!

Even though I will totally miss my hometown, my family and friends, Disneyland, and…

random celebrity sightings, such as Tony Parker strolling through LAX with his assistant/luggage holder in tow, I am SO excited to start this new chapter in my life!

Join me, won’t you?

Exciting News!!!

23 Jun

This is what arrived in my mailbox about 15 minutes ago:

Because of this exciting news!

I can’t even believe it! I feel beyond lucky to be able to play with these gorgeous products for the next six months! Eeeeeeee! Thank you so much, Elle! I am really looking forward to this amazing opportunity! ūüôā

Happy Thursday

18 Mar

So as it turns out, this week has been quite good.

First off, I managed to track down this month’s issue of Creating Keepsakes and was psyched to see what was inside:

EEEEEEEEE!!! You would not believe how excited I was! And still am! I submitted it, along with a few other layouts,¬†back in November, not anticipating it would ever be chosen. But when it was,¬†I was blissfully surprised! Waiting to see it¬†actually come to fruition has been the hardest part! I have¬†a few more layouts that will be published in the coming months and I’m feeling super grateful for this funny little hobby called scrapbooking…

This past Saturday was my mom’s birthday, so the two of us spent some time in one of our favorite cities: Pasadena. I would pack up and move there in an INSTANT! Something about it really resonates with me. Maybe it’s because of the proximity to Dots Cupcakes. Quite possibly it’s because of the cupcakes:)

Then on Sunday, John and I woke up early so we could get breakfast at Disneyland! It turned out to be a gorgeous spring-y day and I got to wear my new giant hat!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Janelle’s Tea Party

1 Feb

This past weekend, my dear friend Janelle had the best little tea party birthday. It was a feast for the senses! The tablescape was so beautiful and charming, the tiny food was delectable, and the company was wildly entertaining – such a wonderful afternoon spent with excellent people.

How cute is this table???

The beautifully handcrafted menus, designed by Janelle.

Enjoying each other’s company, as always. Something tells me this shot had something to do with Heather’s bar endorsement (ha!).

What is it about little food that is so appealing? These tea sandwiches were AMAZING!

The lovely Angie.

I was especially taken with this fabulous tea set. I love the leaf motif!

Janelle, thank you again for such a wonderful time!

Life Unfolds

31 Dec

Another spread in my never-ending Holiday Minibook.

Can you believe it’s the last day of December? The last day of the decade? INSANE!¬†I was in 7th grade when everyone was fearing¬†Y2K and whether or not computers would live to see another day come the year 2000…and… nothing happened. Ha! However, because of this mass panic, we had three weeks off for Christmas break as opposed to the regular two – in my book at the time, Y2K was fabulous! But now I am 23 and can fully appreciate the gravity of moving into another decade. So much to learn, experience, enjoy, discover…I feel lucky to be exactly where I’m at and look forward to seeing how life unfolds.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and I wish you nothing but the best in the coming decade.

Christmas Party 2009 Recap

27 Dec

Things I love about our annual Christmas Bash:

  • ¬†Lovely group portraits that make¬† for perfect scrapbook pages.

  • Lovely group portraits involving Heather showing off her best cat impression while everyone else smiles nicely. Makes for even MORE perfect scrapbook pages.

  • The customary white-elephant gift exchange (this year was so mellow! Next year we are going high-stakes!).

  • Reconnecting, laughing, divulging, laughing, gossiping, laughing, reminscing, laughing…

  • Food, food, and even more food…have I mentioned that we like to eat?

  • Playing our new favorite game, Telephone Pictionary. You never know what will come out of that game, but one thing is for sure: Heather will always be distinguished by her one-sleeved blue dress!

  • ¬†Talking about knowledge.

  • Hot chocolate in the oven, apple bottom jeans and boots with the furs, kickboxing 20 times a day, crying because my Uggs are on fire…

  • The one time of year we are all able to reunite! Love you girls SO much!