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New Gallery Up at Elle’s Studio!

21 Jul

This month’s gallery at Elle’s Studio has gone live! (Actually it went live yesterday, but in true Ann-Marie fashion, I am late to the party. Or maybe I’m just waiting for Christmas. Right friends?) Here’s what I put together for the lovely month of July:

One of the best things about Elle’s Studio is that the packaging is just as pretty as the actual products! So, my butterfly punch has been getting quite a workout over the gorgeous backings, especially the teal one – LOVE!

A little bit (okay, A LOT) of American Crafts plus Elle’s Studio = a match made in journaling tag/crocheted ribbon heaven! I love how the hot pinks played off of each other quite nicely. Andddd, I LOVE the teal patterned paper from the Sweet Summer Mini Papers! I’m thinking it’s a front-runner for my favorite…

As it turns out, I am a bit obsessed with glassine envelopes – they’re the perfect size for hidden journaling, or in this case, half-hidden journaling (besides, why would I want to hide such cute journaling tags anyways?). I had so much fun making these projects, I can’t wait to show you what I have up my sleeve for next month!

In other news

I’m feeling a bit anti-summer. It is so darn hot here. I used to love summer and think that it would be horrible when one day I would have to work right through the scorcher season. Not so much anymore. Now I am convinced that working is the perfect way to spend a summer because:

1.) I get to spend majority of the day in a most lovely air conditioned building,

2.) I go back home to my toasty apartment for lunch just long enough to thaw out a bit from aforementioned ice box and be more than ready to…

3.) Return to the most lovely air conditioned building. And not only is it cold, but it smells like paper! Newsflash: I LOVE paper.


Have I Told You…

11 Jun

…about my obsession with spray paint? I’ve used it before for painting furniture and frames and occasionally chipboard, but when I recently used it on a whim to paint some paper, I had no IDEA how awesome it really is! Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Glimmer Mist and Maya Mist just as much as the next scrapbook-aholic, but spray paint GETS. THE. JOB. DONE. And it definitely got the last two week’s challenges done quite efficiently.

Here’s my fabric challenge from 2 weeks ago:

It’s funny because I’m not even on a mini-book “kick” right now; these days, I am all about the single 12×12 layouts! But for some reason, my photos from my friends’ annual Christmas Party were calling my name. (As were the old pants that I ripped up and turned into the fabric flower on the cover…but that’s another post in and of itself!). Half the pages are from an acrylic deck of cards and the other half are chipboard artisan labels. I sprayed all of them with a metallic silver spray paint from Krylon and then a light dusting of Glimmer Mist’s “Marshmallow.” It turned out to be a super fast and fun mini – just how I like it!

And of course, Cherie’s challenge for this past week was to document what you love about summer. So I interpreted it as this:

I went to TOWN with the masking, as you can see! Haha! I haphazardly placed a whole chipboard alphabet (I’m pretty sure it’s a Colorbok one that I got from the Target Dollar Spot a few months back) diagonally down the page (with the help of a temporary adhesive) and then sprayed the heck outta this baby with some white craft spray paint from Joann’s. My favorite part about it is the bottom right corner where it coincidentally spells out “joy.” Love that!

And like Cherie, I am not a huge proponent for the summer season. Don’t get me wrong, my summers always turn out to be fun and exciting, but the heat I can easily do without, no problem! Although it does make workouts all the better when I can immediately jump in the pool afterward. I guess summer has it’s perks after all…

New Challenge is Up!

29 Apr

I’ve been scrapping here and there lately, which is making me so happy! I’m on a self-imposed buying freeze at the moment, so it’s been fun rediscovering all the amazing products I have hidden away in my stash – I think it’s boosting my creativity! Here are a few of my recent creations:

The background is chipboard, which was a fun change of pace for my regular 12×12 cardstock style! And the numbers were cut out using my Slice. Love that little thing!

I swear this page took no longer than an hour to complete which is INSANELY fast for me! Some older product, some newer product – it’s all good!

My challenge for this week is to create a layout inspired by this photo:

Interpret it as you will! Enjoy!:)

12×12 Convert

11 Feb

I don’t know what happened.

All of a sudden I have this serious need to create 12×12 layouts as opposed to my tried-and-true 8.5×11. Being the embellishment lover that I am, I figure the extra 3.5×1 inches is more real estate to play with! So, here are some of my newest layouts, in all their square glory:

This layout took a good two days of glueing down and then ripping off, glueing down and then ripping off. I just couldn’t get it “just so” without a lot of trial and error. But alas, it is complete.

I was so excited to play with all these fun photos from Janelle’s soiree (some of which I swiped from her blog – thanks girl!), but it took me even longer to finesse it to my liking. In fact, at one point I had everything glued down on blue cardstock, but it just wasn’t clicking, so I ripped everything off and stuck them on the pink cardstock in a different arrangement. I feel like this style (linear with minimal embellishments) is a departure from my usual look (crazy, colorful, haphazard), but I’m feeling pretty good that I can finally put it to bed:)