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Weekend Update with Ann-Marie

19 Apr

Ahhh…weekends are the best, aren’t they? Especially when they involve plenty of creative time! This weekend included: ducks in the pool again, much to Jake’s chagrin and my excitement. Lots of time experimenting with all my fun supplies. Working with a fun group of gals. Whipping through Tori Spelling’s book in record time (man, that girl is entertaining!). Baking cupcakes because the leftover batch of cookies and Easter candy was just not enough sugar in the house – there is always room for more baked goods (followed by a trip to the gym!)! Playing with my Martha Stewart microbeads in tourmaline (I still have yet to figure out how to adhere it properly, but there is an interesting tutorial here). Walking in the Bridle Path (a beautiful neighborhood with plenty of trees and hills and horses) before work and pretending like I was hiking in Mammoth. Feeling inspired to tell a hilarious story from a few years back, regarding John and his Jenny McCarthy discount at Border’s (click on photo of layout to read it up close). Happy that the sun is shining and the weather is fabulous.

Super excited to get “A Week in the Life” underway today! It’s so much fun to have a little assignment to keep me inspired!


Weekend Update with Ann-Marie

12 Apr

This weekend was full of interesting sights, sounds, flavors, and weather:

Local ducks splashing down (from the sound of it, I thought for certain they were cannon-balling) into our frigidly cold pool. Chilly, cloudy, rainy weather. Double movie weekend: “Valentines Day” at the $3 theater and “Up In the Air” at home – thought both were good in their own ways. Attempting some creative time, which lead to reorganizing. Ordering a new pair of running shoes in a hot pink hue – can’t wait to rock those bad boys! Filling my iPod with fun new tunes and podcasts. Unique twists of fate regarding tracking down a good copy of season one of “Gilmore Girls.” Enjoying this week’s SNL (hence the title of this post). Work, followed by a quick trip to Forever 21 where I scored the coolest fluorescent yellow tank for $5.80 (how I love F21 and their cheap prices always ending in .80!). Thoroughly enjoying the cowboys on “The Amazing Race” this season!

A cozy weekend, indeed.