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happy sunday!

15 Aug

Yesterday John and I drove up to SLC to check out Craft Lake City in the coolest venue with the coolest artsy people. I felt like we were back in the art department at college again. (But this time with more of a “Utah-friendly” crowd and less of a “California hippy/stoner/camp-out-in-the-letterpress-studio-for-a-week-straight-without-sleep-or-showers” group of people – Ha!)

I love being around artists (and hipsters alike) with their funky style and energy. And I LOVE that Utah is of the mindset that crafts are a legitimate art form – I have found my people! Anyways…

It was amazing! I saw so many awesome things and left feeling inspired and ready to make stuff (which is all I’ve ever wanted to do anyways!)!

I picked up three fabulous letterpressed postcards from Smart & Wiley, which I plan on framing and displaying throughout my apartment (more on that later!).

Salt Lake is truly a great city. It’s an interesting mix of modern establishments and historic buildings, surrounded by trees and mountains. I can’t help but take a million photos (or art-direct John to take the photos I think would be great – “get those two buildings together, but don’t get the wires in the background and make sure it’s got the sunlight shining through the back and hurry before the cars drive through the shot!” – he loves when I do this – NOT! hahah).

And I LOVE that the Olympics were here! Utah’s a pretty cool place after all…


Today Was the Day

1 Aug

…I visited every store across Utah Valley. Or so it seemed. Here is a short rundown of my happy Saturday:

Visited my good friends Mike, Joann, and new acquaintance Robert (California, you are seriously missing out on this little gem!). Purchased exactly 4 sheets of paper from Roberts for 50 percent off. Because the 5000 sheets of paper that I currently own are just not enough. Apparently.

Cute little butterfly die-cuts from Pebbles in my Pocket! And my giant hand!

Found Pebbles in My Pocket and loved it! The lady who rang me up asked what brought me to Utah and when I told her about my job, she let out a squeal of delight. See, this is exactly why moving here was 150,000% worth it. People get me and my paper addiction.

Went to Target to pick up some photos. And ended up picking up a dust pan and a pair of jeggings. Almost bought a box of oatmeal but couldn’t justify my total tab exceeding 30 dollars so I put it back. Jeggings always come before oatmeal.

Some awesome grippy tape thing, a huge bag of different laces, and an awesome Pyrex container!

Planned on going to downtown Provo, but made a quick left into the parking lot of Deseret Industries (the LDS version of Goodwill). Browsed through tons of awesome things. Saw tons of denim in every form of clothing possible (it seems as though Utahns love their denim?). Tested a few typewriters but no dice. Ended up with 3 awesome, totally unrelated things all for under 4 dollars. Which I paid for in quarters. How very thrifty of me.

Drove around a bit longer and stopped at Cafe Rio. Had a lovely, calorie-laden dinner for two con mi novio. Stared at a girl who had the short hairstyle that I long to return to. Made me want to chop off my hair right then and there.

White and fluorescent pink! What a winning combo!

Stopped by Wal-Mart at 11pm and as usual, it was PACKED. Wal-Mart is where it’s at in Utah! I even saw a few couples making out, specifically in the women’s clothing section and near the electronics. In UTAH.  I know, can you believe it? I felt like I was intruding upon something private, so I bought two cans of spray paint and a box of oatmeal. Because this time my tab would not even exceed 10 bucks. Sweet deal!

Gah, I looooove weekends.

California Dreamin’

25 Jul

This morning I woke up from dreaming that I still lived in San Diego. I felt a slight twinge of sadness (oh ocean, I never thought I would miss you that much!) but then I browsed through photos from our fantastic trip to Park City yesterday. Now all is well in my world again:)

See for yourself:

Shaun White. Mmmmmm…

How cute are the bike sculptures as bike racks?

John is too tall for Park City!

I want to live here in this cozy little alleyway-turned-patio!

Dinner at Blue Iguana…yum!

It’s definitely cooler up in the mountains than it is where we live. Being able to eat outside = fantastic!

Such an amazing little town!

The drive back home led us through Provo Canyon – gorgeous!

Another great adventure in the 11 days we have lived here!

I think next weekend we might go to Wyoming – how’s that for wanderlust??

Is this a Utah thing?

23 Jul

The first morning after moving into my new apartment, my family was standing on my balcony marveling at the gorgeous view, as seen below:

Just another day at the apartment, with the sunshine shining and the birds chirping. Look again:

I about had a panic attack for this girl who willingly climbs onto the overhang to read and lay out! And get this…other people in this complex do it too, not just her! The other day as I was coming up the stairs, I heard paper rustling. When I looked to see where it was coming from, I saw a different girl up on our overhang just plugging away at her book.


If you are aware of reasons as to why anyone would crawl out on an apartment overhang a good 20 or so feet above the ground in a bathing suit nonetheless, please fill me in. My fear of heights kicks in overdrive when I see people lingering casually on a steep slope above concrete and passersby.

In fact, I think I need to sit down.


20 Jul

I am in LOVE with my job.


In fact, I am still in disbelief that this is really the life I am living!

Aside from the job being the stuff of dreams for someone who eats, sleeps, breathes paper, living in Utah is not too shabby either! Tonight John and I went for a walk to the other side of town (or so it seemed!) and the weather was cloudy and breezy and a cool 90 degrees – which normally is not my idea of a liveable temp, but compared to what it has been, it’s positively chilly! Then we came back home and John handed me a cold beer and now we are watching Gilmore Girls on the couch together. Heck yeah, Utah.

Getting Our Utah On

18 Jul

We made it! Finally!

Does it get anymore masculine than this??? Hahah!

After 14 hours of driving and an hour of sleep and a departure time of 3am and squeezing THREE adult-size bodies into my tiny VW bug with the spare seat jam-packed full of pillows and a TV and other random crap and my mom and dad towing the rest of my stuff on a trailer behind their truck, we are finally here in Utah and settling in quite nicely! I am in LOVE with our apartment! Comparing what we had in San Diego (1 bedroom, 1 bath) to what we have in Utah (2 bedrooms, 2 baths) and reaping a savings of $500/month in rent, I am in apartment heaven! Now if only we could turn the blazing heat down about 30 degrees…

Yesterday John and I took a spontaneous trip to Sundance, which -get this-  is only 13 miles from where we live! We can’t believe our good fortune because this place is beyond amazing and it feels like a world away (and several degrees cooler)!

Sidenote: the dandelions here are HUGE!! I don’t know what kind of juice they are on, but holy moly, they are giant (and beautiful!)!

There’s green everywhere! So gorgeous!

Another Sidenote: John pointed to the squirrels we kept seeing and said “what happened to their tails??” Us California folk are used to squirrels with big bushy tails! Which reminds me of another sidenote: while flying back to California last month, my mom and I sat next to an Australian man who told us he had just seen his first squirrel while in Idaho! Isn’t that funny what we take for granted? He sees kangaroos hopping about and we see squirrels darting across our backyards and we both find this to be completely mundane. Makes me laugh!

So far, we are loving this new adventure! The apartment is almost ready to go public, so hang in there! In the meantime, check out these sneaks from this month’s Elle’s Studio Gallery – fantastic! I can’t wait to see what everyone did! Here’s a little sample of my work:

Have a great Sunday!

The One About Utah

27 Jun

If someone had told me a month ago that I would be moving to Utah, I would have laughed in their face.

My only experiences in Utah have been that of two different ski trips to Brian Head, where there wasn’t a whole lot of…shall we say…civilization. There were maybe three different businesses, all lined up in a row, and then there were the ski lifts. Even though I consider myself both an introvert and an outdoorsy person, the thought of living atop a mountain amidst maybe five other families sounds unfathomable to someone accustomed to living in a city of 3 million people. Let’s just say I was relieved to discover the rest of Utah is not so isolated…

In fact, it appears to be a huge, diverse place filled with people, restaurants, shopping, and oh, maybe one or two or five million temples sprinkled throughout:

And of course, how can I forget the MOUNTAINS?

I could not believe how gorgeous the mountains are! Especially since they are still snow-capped and visible from everywhere you go. I can only imagine how beautiful it will be when there is even more snow (and I have been thoroughly warned: there will be more snow!). I can’t wait!

Another thing that (happily) took my mom and I by surprise was how genuinely nice everyone was! I did not encounter a single unfriendly person the whole time – heck, the TSA agent at the airport whose job it is to make sure we are not concealing any weapons, was shooting the breeze with us like we were old friends! He wanted to know how we were doing, how we enjoyed our time in Utah, wishing us a safe journey, and reassuring my mom that she won’t miss me too much while I’m 500 miles away. He also gave us his life story in the 2 minutes it took to go through security. You just don’t meet people like this at every available turn in California! Definitely a perk!

On Thursday night after we arrived at our hotel, my mom and I went over the grocery store to get some snacks. We were blown away by the amount of candy they sold! It was like Sweet Factory had set up shop between the produce section and the butcher – there was just candy everywhere! Of course, there’s plenty of candy in California, but not to this extent!

Even though I will totally miss my hometown, my family and friends, Disneyland, and…

random celebrity sightings, such as Tony Parker strolling through LAX with his assistant/luggage holder in tow, I am SO excited to start this new chapter in my life!

Join me, won’t you?