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Today Was the Day

1 Aug

…I visited every store across Utah Valley. Or so it seemed. Here is a short rundown of my happy Saturday:

Visited my good friends Mike, Joann, and new acquaintance Robert (California, you are seriously missing out on this little gem!). Purchased exactly 4 sheets of paper from Roberts for 50 percent off. Because the 5000 sheets of paper that I currently own are just not enough. Apparently.

Cute little butterfly die-cuts from Pebbles in my Pocket! And my giant hand!

Found Pebbles in My Pocket and loved it! The lady who rang me up asked what brought me to Utah and when I told her about my job, she let out a squeal of delight. See, this is exactly why moving here was 150,000% worth it. People get me and my paper addiction.

Went to Target to pick up some photos. And ended up picking up a dust pan and a pair of jeggings. Almost bought a box of oatmeal but couldn’t justify my total tab exceeding 30 dollars so I put it back. Jeggings always come before oatmeal.

Some awesome grippy tape thing, a huge bag of different laces, and an awesome Pyrex container!

Planned on going to downtown Provo, but made a quick left into the parking lot of Deseret Industries (the LDS version of Goodwill). Browsed through tons of awesome things. Saw tons of denim in every form of clothing possible (it seems as though Utahns love their denim?). Tested a few typewriters but no dice. Ended up with 3 awesome, totally unrelated things all for under 4 dollars. Which I paid for in quarters. How very thrifty of me.

Drove around a bit longer and stopped at Cafe Rio. Had a lovely, calorie-laden dinner for two con mi novio. Stared at a girl who had the short hairstyle that I long to return to. Made me want to chop off my hair right then and there.

White and fluorescent pink! What a winning combo!

Stopped by Wal-Mart at 11pm and as usual, it was PACKED. Wal-Mart is where it’s at in Utah! I even saw a few couples making out, specifically in the women’s clothing section and near the electronics. In UTAH.  I know, can you believe it? I felt like I was intruding upon something private, so I bought two cans of spray paint and a box of oatmeal. Because this time my tab would not even exceed 10 bucks. Sweet deal!

Gah, I looooove weekends.


In IKEA We Trust

8 Jul

Oh, yes.

What move is complete without a trip (or several) to the land of inexpensive yet highly functional and uniquely-titled furniture? I mean, what apartment dweller has not heard of the glorious Expedit shelving units or Lack coffee tables?

Today’s trip was filled with the happiness that only IKEA can bring. Like testing every couch in the store for it’s nap-ability. And getting lost at least once in the maze-like layout. And leaving the store with three coffee tables for less than 30 bucks.

All in a day’s work…

Suzy Homemaker Over Here

5 Jul

After my last official shift at Paper Source today, I headed over to the fabric store where I snagged some gorgeous colors and textures for feathering my new nest!

I bought a yard of each style, so I think I might make some pillows with my signature flower embellishments, and then use the leftovers for fun patchwork throughout the apartment. These colors are making my eyes so happy right now!

T minus one week until the big move! I have so much to do and barely any time to get it done, but all I want to do (translation: all I will do) is scrapbook and shop for my apartment! We will see how much of the midnight oil I am burning at the last possible moment…

Paper Source PSA

3 Jul

Things striking my fancy at my workplace, Paper Source (though not for much longer!):

Eco White Cover Weight paper. I have worked at Paper Source for the past seven months and only now, in my last week of work there (and last ditch attempt to make the most of my discount), have I purchased any items from what we call “converted” (a huge assortment of colors and shapes and sizes and weights of paper). I discovered that this paper is fantastic for printing photos or digital elements. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, hence the name “Eco White.” Which I’m sure you could have gathered without my telling you. But I will tell you anyways.

T. Hanks card. I had to do a double take when I first noticed Tom Hanks’ face out of the corner of my eye. When I read the caption, I laughed out loud. SO. STINKIN’. CLEVER! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE cleverness? And Tom Hanks? Especially in my favorite movies, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail? Yep.

Thanks for Being Stamp. Oh my, this stamp would provide for endless hours of entertainment. Can’t you see it going over well on any documents related with the Department of Motor Vehicles? Or holiday cards? Or job applications?

Peacock Text Weight Paper. I just bought a nice little pack of this brand-new-heaven-to-my-eyes color to use with my Slice. Love it!


10 Feb

Yesterday was a fabulously rainy day here in Southern CA. I spent the morning reading blogs and then suddenly had an urge to shop for new scrap supplies! So, being the always eager shopper that I am, I hopped in the car and drove to the nearest scrapbook store (Treasured Memories), which isn’t exactly near being that is in Oak Park, but a.) I love driving, b.) I love driving in the rain, c.) I love driving through beautiful Oak Park, and d.) this girl knows no limits when it comes to refreshing her scrapbooking supplies (obviously)!

One hour and $23 later, I walked out feeling victorious and inspired to start some new projects! Yesterday was one of those days when I had no qualms whatsoever about dropping cash. Does that ever happen to you? There are days when I will absolutely agonize over whether or not I really need some item for $1.39, because lord knows when that $1.39 will be of need! Then there are days like yesterday where I feel no remorse about swiping my card. Heck, I just might pick up the tab for everyone in line because I am feeling so light and free with my funds! Why does this happen??? It is truly a mystery, I guess…

Yesterday was also the 23rd birthday of a very dear friend of mine – Miss Christina! We took advantage of Taco Tuesday and had a lively and yummy dinner with old friends to celebrate her big day! So fun. As the hilarious card at Paper Source says, It’s better to be a year older than a month late! Hahah!

As for today, my Jakey-boy is staring at me,  just willing me to take him for a walk. But I’m holding off because there is a giant truck at the bottom of the street that is devouring tree branches with such gusto and screechiness, I have no doubt we will get halfway down the hill before he gets one look at it and sprints back towards home! What this dog lacks in gumption, he makes up tenfold in love and affection, so we keep him around nonetheless;)

Vintage Appeal

12 Jan

“Love” tickets I purchased from Vintage Bliss – so gorgeous!

Etsy has been calling my name lately! Especially in the vintage paper ephemera department. Holy moley, I can lose track of time scanning through all the fabulous things that site has to offer! These days I’m on the hunt for vintage tickets, bingo cards, and pins. Here are a few I added to my favorites and have a careful watch on to make sure they don’t suddenly disappear without first landing in my cart! (Run-on sentence much? HAHA!)

Vintage pins from Driving Miss Moppet. I have visions of using these on every layout I make from here on out!

Vintage bingo cards from Pautluck. LOVE these so much, I think I want to frame them!

Bus tickets from Imagine Art 7. What is it about vintage tickets that fills me with sheer joy? Haha!

Vintage Red Paper Lace from Anitarae822. Good lord I love Valentine’s Day!

Vintage Needlepoint/ Crewel Wool from Knitsquirrel. I don’t know if I could ever use these, they are just too beautiful as is!

There are so many amazing sellers in that marketplace, you are sure to find a gem (or several!)! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do some shopping…