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happy sunday!

15 Aug

Yesterday John and I drove up to SLC to check out Craft Lake City in the coolest venue with the coolest artsy people. I felt like we were back in the art department at college again. (But this time with more of a “Utah-friendly” crowd and less of a “California hippy/stoner/camp-out-in-the-letterpress-studio-for-a-week-straight-without-sleep-or-showers” group of people – Ha!)

I love being around artists (and hipsters alike) with their funky style and energy. And I LOVE that Utah is of the mindset that crafts are a legitimate art form – I have found my people! Anyways…

It was amazing! I saw so many awesome things and left feeling inspired and ready to make stuff (which is all I’ve ever wanted to do anyways!)!

I picked up three fabulous letterpressed postcards from Smart & Wiley, which I plan on framing and displaying throughout my apartment (more on that later!).

Salt Lake is truly a great city. It’s an interesting mix of modern establishments and historic buildings, surrounded by trees and mountains. I can’t help but take a million photos (or art-direct John to take the photos I think would be great – “get those two buildings together, but don’t get the wires in the background and make sure it’s got the sunlight shining through the back and hurry before the cars drive through the shot!” – he loves when I do this – NOT! hahah).

And I LOVE that the Olympics were here! Utah’s a pretty cool place after all…


The Human Torch Was Denied a Bank Loan

29 Jun

“Unique New York!”

While shopping at the mall tonight with my mom, I was in color heaven to see this gorgeous color palette everywhere I turned!  The combination of jewel tones and fluorescent hues has been drawing me in for a long time now, as you can see by the unstoppable gravitational pull I feel for certain papers:

In fact, I am so excited that everything I buy from here on out, be it shirts, shoes, salad plates, coffee tables, sports utility vehicles, scrunchies (ha! how about NO), etc., will now match my scrapbook pages, that I can’t stop spewing Ron Burgundy quotes!

Because  -” by the beard of Zeus!”-what could possibly be better than that?

Have I Also Told You…

11 Jun

about this week’s challenge? Can’t believe I almost forgot it! Anyways, for this week’s challenge:


Get Inspired By Jewelry!

Use old costume jewelry. Incorporate metal elements. Use the colors as inspiration. Whatever you please!


9 Jun

Ever since watching Tori and Dean the other night, I have had the biggest urge to chop my hair again. I mean, how could these oh-so-high-quality images not sway you to lop off your locks at this very moment???

Okay, so maybe I just swiped every photo from the Oxygen photo gallery, but what can I say – I love a good reverse bob! (And I think I am on the fast track to becoming a Tori Spelling hairstyle stalker!) This reminds me of when Jessica Simpson was in her Newlyweds heyday and I was obsessed with her hair as well:

And while we are on a celebrity kick, yesterday I did the Kim Kardashian workout from this month’s issue of Shape, and oh dear lord…

…my rear has officially been kicked in gear! Yeesh! I guess I should have known better, given that KK is famous for her generous backside (among other things). Which reminds me of my most favorite line from last night’s epic finale on Glee:

“Kiss my ASS, Josh Groban!”

5 words I bet you never thought you would hear in the same sentence.

P.S. Notice anything different about the bloggity blog? A summer-inspired face-lift was just what the doctor ordered…

Things I am Obsessing Over

25 May

Isn’t it funny how certain things appeal to you more now, than say, 6 months ago (and vice versa)? I love it! I can always remember different periods of my life, just by recalling what I was immersing myself in at that point. For instance, I can tell you that 1 year ago I was obsessed with watching Rachel Zoe episodes on my iPod as I finished up my final semester of college. I was also totally into making jewelry (a hobby that has since fallen by the wayside) and was loving my last few weeks living in San Diego. Today I am obsessed with…

Martha Stewart punches! Good lord, I have the hardest time deciding which punch to purchase each time I just “happen” to be in the neighborhood of a Michaels and I just “happen” to have a 40% off coupon in hand. I wonder how that happens? Hahah!

Finding amazing shops on Etsy, such as this one by Carole Hannah! Remember Carole Hannah from Project Runway? She made it to Bryant Park, but somehow Irina emerged victorious (Irina…ugh!). Nonetheless, she was totally my favorite and I was so excited to see that she has a shop on Etsy! How cool is that?


The galleries at Studio Calico. Not only are the design team galleries each month enough to make me want to drop everything and start scrapping, but the member galleries are amazing as well!

Sex and The City trailers! Each time one comes on, I have to stop what I’m doing and watch intently! I just re-watched the first movie the other night after everyone went to bed and I have to tell you…it is better than I remembered! So excited for the sequel!

Flickr favorites screenshots! I often will take a screenshot, paste it in Word, and then print out so I can take it with me as I go about my day, glancing at it from time to time for a burst of inspiration!

There’s plenty more that I am in love with, but I will save those for another fun-filled day! 🙂

Feather Your Nest

4 May

This past weekend I became OBSESSED with reorganizing my room and workspace and all that jazz that has been occupying precious spacious in my tiny little neck of the woods. Fun, fun, fun. I love a good burst of inspiration to make things happen. Here’s a few images that made me want to sign up for a credit card with IKEA stat:









Challenge Complete!

27 Apr

When I saw Cherie’s challenge to create a layout inspired by this rug:

I instantly knew I wanted to make this:

The textures and colors in the rug reminded me of my interior design days when I used to drool over the countless wallpaper samples in the ID resource room at school. I would hoard the most beautiful wallpaper samples – not for my design storyboards, mind you – but for my scrapbooks! HA! It was one of many signs that I was much better suited for the graphic design side of the fine arts spectrum than the interior design side. But as a result of testing out the ID waters, I now have a ton of fun wallpaper samples mixed in with my patterned paper stash that were perfect for this challenge! I had so much fun putting it all together and using up my scraps! Thanks Cherie!

 P.S. I relisted a bunch of old favorites in my Etsy shop yesterday. Brand new styles are coming in May!